CFS: Alternative and Complementary Therapies

Alternative and Complementary Therapies provides the latest information on evaluating alternative therapies and integrating them into your clinical practice. Topics include: botanical medicine, vitamins and supplements, nutrition and diet, mind-body medicine, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, indigenous medicine systems, homeopath, naturopathy, yoga & meditation, manual therapies, energy medicine, and spirituality and health.

Journal features include:

  • Clinical applications of CAM therapies
  • Profiles of innovative clinicians
  • Profiles of successful new integrative clinics
  • Integrative approaches for preventing and treating chronic illness
  • Herbal alternatives to prescription drugs
  • Mind-body approaches to disease management
  • Nutraceuticals and their applications in clinical care
  • Food as medicine
  • The biochemistry of natural medicine
  • Practical approaches to creating and expanding your holistic practice
  • Legal matters
  • Medical literature review

Alternative and Complementary Therapies welcomes the submission of clinical, practical papers for physicians and other healthcare providers involved in the integrative medicine and CAM. If you would like to submit a paper for consideration for publication, please contact Sheldon Lewis

More information at:

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