Review: Wood & Ross-Kerr, Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research

Wood, M. J., & Ross-Kerr, J. C. (2011).  Basic steps in planning nursing research:  From question to proposal (7th Ed.).  Sudbury, MA:  Jones and Bartlett Publishing. 511 pp.

Wood and Ross-Kerr, both nursing faculty members at the University of Alberta, have developed a guide for planning nursing research in their 2011 edition of Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research:  From Question to Proposal.  This text offers a basic description of how to design a research project, from conception to implementation and would be a useful supplemental text for a beginning graduate course or for an advanced undergraduate course.  Undergraduate nursing students who are in an honors program might benefit from using this text to guide them in developing a research project or proposal.  The content of this text is presented in simple, easy-to-follow chapters.  One of the many strengths of this text is the appendices, which contain multiple examples of research proposals for several different research designs.  While valuable for its ability to inform and guide budding nurse researchers, this book is not analogous to a standard research methods textbook for an undergraduate research methods course and would most likely be used as a supplemental resource in such a course. 

Heather Evans, PhD, RNC, CLC, Assistant Clinical Professor, School of Nursing, University of Connecticut


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