CFS: Advances in Mental Health: Substance Use and Mental Health

Advances in Mental Health Vol 11/1, Substance Use and Mental Health | Deadline for Papers: 15th September 2011

Problems of substance use and mental health issue are widely visible and the high rate of co-occurrence of these disorders is well known in the field, yet little attention has been paid to this major societal problem. Major mental health and addiction institutions in the industrialized countries are facing with the crisis of funding cutbacks while similar institutions are barely functional in many underdeveloped/developing countries. In Canada, for example, one in four individuals suffers from mental illness or addiction while the other three live with it. The purpose of this substance use and mental health theme issue is to bring together the work of leading scientists, social scientists and other scholars. We are particularly interested in work that considers the impact of childhood maltreatment on mental health and substance abuse issues, recognizing the increased likelihood of both and co-morbid issues among violence survivors across the lifespan. As a chronic living environment and as related to a lack of safe, stable, nurturing relationship, maltreatment can continue as a ‘lived’ experience beyond the cessation of the maltreatment events. While mechanisms are emergent, maltreatment can be considered a demand factor for substance use, from a range of domains (stress and coping; motivations and outcome expectancies for enhancement; learned contingencies etc.). This issue is invitational towards work considering maltreatment, including prevention, theory-testing, health and service systems use, and under-studied populations.

As the guest editors of the journal of Advances in Mental Health, we would like to invite you to submit an article to the special issue of Advances in Mental Health, volume 11/1 (April 2012). We are seeking submission from people from a range of disciplines and settings including but not limited to: public health, mental health, addiction, psychology, sociology, neuroscience; law; government. Here are some dates pertaining to the issue:

We expect to receive your intention to submit your manuscript addressed to Masood Zangeneh ( ) and Christine Wekerle ( ) by July 30, 2011. We expect to receive your manuscript by September 15, 2011. Authors will receive the editor’s feedback by October 15, 2011. We are expecting to receive your final drafts by November 15, 2011. Authors will receive the review feedback by December 15, 2011.  Authors are expected to submit their final revision by January 30, 2012. Editorial decision is due on February 15, 2012.

The journal’s Web page is:


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