CFS: Health Care, Vulnerable Populations

Call for Submissions for a special issue of Contemporary Nurse on the topic of: Advances in Contemporary Health Care for Vulnerable Populations

Deadline for Papers: 15th December 2011

Contemporary Nurse: Advances in Contemporary Health Care for Vulnerable Populations is edited by: Debra Jackson – University of Technology, Sydney, Australia (UTS)  ; Adey Nyamathi – University of California at Los Angeles, USA (UCLA); Mark Hayter – University of Sheffield, UK; Bernie Carter – University of Central Lancashire, UK (UCLAN)

Nurses and other health care professionals are at the front-line when caring for individuals and groups who are, through marginalization, stigmatization or social deprivation, particularly vulnerable to an array of health problems. This issue is focused on how care and services for the most vulnerable in our societies and cultures can be designed, delivered or understood. Papers should contribute to nursing knowledge and an increased understanding of the needs of vulnerable people from disparate settings and circumstances across the lifespan. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Social disparities and health status of vulnerable populations*
  • The nature of risk and vulnerability in relation to vulnerable populations
  • Predictors of frailty among vulnerable populations
  • Health care-related experiences of vulnerable individuals, groups and communities
  • Health equity and accessibility of services for vulnerable populations
  • Facilitators and barriers to accessing primary health care for vulnerable populations
  • Health seeking and protective behaviours for vulnerable individuals, groups and communities
  • Workforce issues to meet the needs of vulnerable populations
  • Conceptual understandings of vulnerability
  • Evidence-based interventions for improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations
  • Culturally-sensitive innovations in service delivery for vulnerable populations
  • Development of health professional roles to better serve vulnerable populations

* Vulnerable populations are defined as social groups who experience differential patterns of morbidity, mortality, and life expectancy as a result of fewer resources and increased exposure to risk (Flaskerud & Winslow, 1998).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: December 15th, 2011.

Submission information at:

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