Month: September 2011

Inside Higher Ed: From Review to Publication

In the second in a series of articles in Inside Higher Ed on getting your manuscript published as a journal article, Eszter Hargittai discusses the typical process once you have submitted your manuscript to a journal. "From Review to Publication" offers novice scholars a peak behind the curtain, demystifying the scholarly publication process, explaining the challenges … Continue reading Inside Higher Ed: From Review to Publication


CFS: Pulse (Poetry, Narratives, Essays)

Launched nearly three years ago, Pulse is a weekly online publication that each Friday afternoon delivers a first-person, healthcare-related story or poem to its subscribers. These pieces are written by (and intended for) patients, health professionals, students and caregivers--and lovingly edited by the Pulse staff. Pulse's concise, authentic and engaging offerings have drawn a growing … Continue reading CFS: Pulse (Poetry, Narratives, Essays)

CFP: Int’l Symposium, Poetry & Medicine

Call for Papers: 2012 International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine, Saturday 12th May 2012 Symposium venue: Henry Wellcome Lecture Theatre, Wellcome Collection, 215 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, United Kingdom Submissions are welcome for oral or poster presentation during the Symposium. Email the Symposium Office to express interest in submitting a Symposium Abstract. Oral abstract … Continue reading CFP: Int’l Symposium, Poetry & Medicine

CFS: Mental Health & Substance Use

Calls for Submissions: Mental Health and Substance Use is an international journal adhering to the highest standards of double-anonymous-blind peer review. The journal welcomes original contributions with relevance to co-existing mental health and substance use. The editor and editorial team believe it is imperative that the journal publishes manuscripts that are clear, informative, factual, and … Continue reading CFS: Mental Health & Substance Use

Chronicle: Citation by Citation, New Maps Chart Hot Research and Scholarship’s Hidden Terrain

Jennifer Howard's article "Citation by Citation, New Maps Chart Hot Research and Scholarship's Hidden Terrain" in the 11 September 2011 Chronicle of Higher Education discusses recent research and application development by a team led by two biologists, Carl T. Bergstrom and Jevin D. West, and a physicist, Martin Rosvall to map connections among research articles in … Continue reading Chronicle: Citation by Citation, New Maps Chart Hot Research and Scholarship’s Hidden Terrain

30,000 and Counting!

NursingWriting welcomed its 30,000th visitor today. Initiated in 2008 and supported by the University of Connecticut's School of Nursing, NursingWriting is a resource for nurse researchers, scholars, and authors. Our aim is to encourage the dissemination of nurses' research discoveries, evidence-based innovations, and clinical observations. Thanks to the fine folks at WordPress for their indispensable … Continue reading 30,000 and Counting!