CFS: Global Healthcare Management (J of Hlth Admin Ed)

Call for papers for a special theme issue of the Journal of Health Administration Education: Global Healthcare Management

The Global Healthcare Management Network of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) is soliciting papers for a theme issue of JHAE on global healthcare management in response to the increasing globalization of health services (e.g., medical tourism, pharma, medical devices, health management education) as well as health services management in developing nations and how these developments will or should impact health administration education.

A. Invited Introductory Paper. An Introductory paper will be invited and consider what is meant by the new term of “global healthcare management.” There has been much interest in comparative health systems (reform) and global health (reducing health inequities by bringing health resources to poorer populations around the world) in recent years. Now there is interest in better managing health facilities and health systems (coordination, communication, resource development) in foreign environments, but there is little experience or information in the professional literature to draw on. These issues will be discussed in an overview of the themed issue.

B. Call for Papers (5 or 6). Papers to be submitted should consider best models and state-of-the-art practices in international settings. Submissions which include an international team of authors will be given stronger consideration. For example, an American faculty member would need to find an international counterpart to put the value of health management practices in the perspective of an international location. This is more of an “outside-in” approach whereby American health administration faculty (and others) will learn from key international setting examples. All relevant papers will be considered for submission some possible topics include:

1. The politics of fitting in. Key lessons on how to manage an international hospital/clinic in a foreign environment including partnerships with NGOs, government ministries, corporations and other key stake holders. What are some better ways to conduct master planning for community health in international (i.e., non-U.S.) settings? How can these lessons best be incorporated into a curriculum to prepare graduates working in global settings.

2. International health services. To what extent has medical tourism been successful ā€“ or not successful ā€“ and what can we learn from these experiences? Examples of how this information has been incorporated into coursework would be beneficial.

3. Public health management. International hospitals in developing nations are often quite involved in community health (nutrition, maternal/child health, immunizations, water/sanitation). What are some key ways to better link hospitals/clinics and population health? What examples are there of better health outcomes as a result of strong health services management practices? What implications do these findings have for healthcare management education in North America and how can our educational processes benefit from this knowledge?

4. Operational and managerial competencies. What can we learn from the differences between domestic (U.S.) and international health competencies in: a) finance/accounting, b) cross-cultural management, c) health supply chain, d) human resources management, e) accreditation, and others. What implications do these differences have for education of domestic versus international students?

C. Invited Conclusion Paper. A final invited paper will review key points from the invited papers and put them in the context of what global healthcare management is? What benefit global healthcare management brings to other professional pursuits of global health (i.e., medicine, public health, nursing) and the implications for health administration education.

D. Submission Process. Submissions should follow the general instructions for submitting manuscripts outlined at the AUPHA website

Manuscripts will be reviewed as they are received using the Journal of Health Administration Education Review process. Deadline for submission is January 1, 2012. Publication date for this themed issueis anticipated to be mid-2012.


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