CFS: Mental Health & Substance Use

Calls for Submissions: Mental Health and Substance Use is an international journal adhering to the highest standards of double-anonymous-blind peer review. The journal welcomes original contributions with relevance to co-existing mental health and substance use. The editor and editorial team believe it is imperative that the journal publishes manuscripts that are clear, informative, factual, and transparent, and the process from submission to the point of publication is timely and efficient. To achieve this primary objective, manuscript submission and review makes full use of electronic media. Mental Health and Substance Use subscribes to the Farmington Consensus regarding the ethics of articles published in journals in the field of addiction. Work should be the responsibility of the authors and all named authors should have made a major contribution to the paper.

Increased recognition of co-existing mental health and substance use issues over the past 20 years has led to a growing body of discussion and research into the efficacy of interventions, treatment, and service delivery. As knowledge and expertise advance, professionals at the forefront of the field need an effective and stimulating forum in which to share information, review strategies, and develop new concepts. This international and interdisciplinary journal provides a single authoritative source of reference for clinicians, managers, service developers, researchers, educators, trainers, and students. The journal’s primary aim is to explore the complex issues arising from co-existing mental health and substance use. The journal informs, develops, and educates professionals by facilitating, sharing, and pooling knowledge, thus enhancing expertise in this fast developing field. It covers assessment, intervention, treatment, prevention, innovation, opinion, conceptual exploration and analysis, service delivery, service development, policy and procedure, research and debate.

Mental Health and Substance Use is a quality, standard-setting publication that adopts a holistic and eclectic stance, providing a forum for the discussion and dissemination around subjects of innovative, developing, and proven practice. The journal aspires to enhance professional knowledge, understanding, research, clinical and managerial practice, and facilitate advancement of new services. The journal is not about mental health or substance use in isolation – as individual topics. It concentrates on concerns specifically related to coexisting mental health and substance use, referred to by some as ‘dual diagnosis.’ Such concerns relate to the individual, the family, and the future direction of services, interventions, and treatment. The journal presents a balanced view of what are best quality standards today. In doing so, it sometimes challenges concepts to stimulate debate and understanding, thus, exploring all sides of the development in treatment and intervention, facilitating reflection, discussion, and adoption of research-led best quality standards of practice. The journal is a peer-review and consists of at least 80% of peer reviewed articles. The remaining 20% being book reviews, editorial, free expression and commissioned articles.

Mental Health and Substance Use includes:

  • Research papers
  • Conceptual exploration and analysis
  • Critical reviews
  • Original papers
  • Case studies
  • Media reviews
  • Clinical practice
  • Policy and procedure
  • Service user and carer perspectives
  • Service development
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Transcultural and ethnicity issues
  • Debate

Detailed author information is at:

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