CFS: Yale J Humanities Medicine

Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine welcomes submissions for publication from doctors, nurses, patients, and others interested in the humanities and medicine. Prose submissions (articles, essays, etc.) should be emailed to Howard Spiro ( Please keep in mind that YJHM is an online journal, and full-length scholarly articles with many footnotes may not be best suited for our readers. Poetry submissions should be directed to Bill Rector and Fred Platt:

Along with your submission, please include a brief bio and photo of yourself. We will include these with your essay or poem if published. We also ask you to subscribe to the journal so that you can be notified when/if your piece is published and also be able to keep up with the other work that goes up on YJHM. We will review your submissions as quickly as possible and get back to you by email with any suggested revisions. If accepted, pieces are usually published relatively quickly. However, we ask that you do not inquire about the status of the piece until four weeks after your submission or acceptance due to the high volume of material we receive.


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