CFS: J of Assoc Nurses AIDS Care

The Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (JANAC) is the official journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. JANAC‘s mission is to support nursing practice, research, and education through the scholarly dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge and practice standards. JANAC provides a forum for the interdisciplinary discussion of clinical practice, education, research, prevention, public health, health administration, international health, legal-ethical issues, social issues, and public policy issues related to all aspects of the HIV epidemic. JANAC invites original articles from nurses and other healthcare professionals that focus on a broad spectrum of issues related to HIV, nursing, and health care.
Submission of Manuscripts. JANAC reviews manuscripts with the understanding that they have not been previously published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. JANAC invites contributions in the form of featured manuscripts (maximum 20 pages); research, practice, or program briefs (8-10 pages); and topical columns and commentaries (6-8 pages). Letters to the editor and guest editorials are also welcome.
JANAC uses an online manuscript submission and review system. Please visit to submit your manuscript electronically. The Web site guides authors through the initial registration process, including the uploading of requisite files. Please note that original source files – not PDF files – are required. Inquiries regarding manuscript submission or status should be directed to the Managing Editor, Kristen Overstreet, at 303-420-3570 or via email at All other inquiries should be directed to the Editor, Lucy Bradley-Springer, at 303-315-2515 or via e-mail at All correspondence, including the Editor’s decision and requests for revisions, will be delivered by e-mail to the corresponding author. Manuscript status information is always available for registered authors via the journal’s online submission system.

Peer Review. Manuscripts are evaluated according to their relevance and significance, the degree to which they advance knowledge, the quality of scholarly presentation, the integrity of research methodology, and clinical content relevant to nursing practice and HIV care. The author(s) may be asked to revise an accepted manuscript to conform to the standards and editorial style of JANAC.

Other Submissions. Submissions for research, practice, or program briefs; topical columns and commentaries; guest editorials; and letters to the editor are not subject to blinded review. These submissions consist of one file that includes the title, the author(s) contact information, the manuscript text, and references in APA (5th ed.) format. If tables and figure are included, they should be submitted in separate files as described above. More information at:

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