CFS: Place of Birth (Midwifery)

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Midwifery: Place of Birth Submission deadline: 30 January 2012

Place of birth affects outcomes and life chances for women and families throughout the world and is an enduring topic for debate and challenge. As we move towards 2015, the year in which the 1990 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are set to be achieved, research and evidence about place of birth is highly relevant. The international journal Midwifery is publishing a Special Issue in October 2012 which will broaden the scope of existing approaches to place of birth and is inviting papers which report on research that may range from comparative policy analysis to a focus on frontline provision and embrace approaches from a range of disciplines outside maternal health care such as political sciences, law and ethics, cultural studies, geography and economics. For more information see the Editorial at (R McCandish & J Sandall, Vol 27, Issue 2, p. 113)

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