CFS: Hektoen Int’l (Medical humanities)

Hektoen International, founded in Fall 2008, is a journal that explores the interdisciplinary field of the medical humanities. It is published online by the Hektoen Institute of Medicine, a not-for-profit organization promoting medical research and education. The journal is named in honor of Doctor Ludvig Hektoen, a distinguished professor of pathology at the University of Chicago. Hektoen International features articles on the medical humanities from a wide spectrum of global and cultural perspectives as they relate to health and healing. The journal also maintains an online art gallery and library for archiving artwork and articles. Hektoen International accepts for consideration articles that explore medicine and the healing arts through the lens of the humanities, exploring such disciplines as history, art, anthropology, ethics, literature, philosophy, religion, and sociology.

Submissions can include:

  • Scholarly articles written in engaging language for a general audience of the intellectually curious, with references to substantiate research
  • Essays sharing a personal perspective on general or controversial topics, presenting a balanced and thoughtful point of view
  • Personal narratives captivating for their visceral, first-hand experience
  • Short fiction that is engaging in style and thought-provoking in nature
  • Poetry, eloquent and thoughtful, appealing to the conscience and the intellect
  • Art, in any medium, that reflects a uniqueness of style and perspective and that can be either a process, outcome or both

We DO NOT accept research papers, clinical studies, or unsolicited book or film reviews.

Further information at:


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