CFS: Essays, Research Articles, Editorials, Creative Writing (AJN)

American Journal of Nursing is seeking submissions for its Viewpoint column.

Is there a health-related topic you feel strongly about? Is there something you want to challenge fellow nurses to think about?

This column is your opportunity to do that. In about 650 words and in conversational style, your Viewpoint should grab the reader’s attention in the first two sentences, identify the problem or issue, make a compelling argument supported by anecdotes and/or statistics, and leave the reader with a challenge to think or behave differently. While references are not included in this column, authors do need to include sources for their statements for fact-checking by the AJN staff.

AJN will also consider other types of submissions, including:

  • Acute and critical care shorts – We seek manuscripts of six-to-12 double-spaced pages on clinical topics relevant to nurses in the acute care setting. These can be quite narrowly focused and should include relevant research and practical applications.
  • Clinical best practices – We continually seek cutting-edge, evidence-based clinical manuscripts on a wide range of topics across practice settings. Such manuscripts should have a focus that can be handled in depth in about 12 double-spaced pages (excluding references and figures) and include a synthesis of relevant research. Nursing implications and perspectives must also be included. Manuscripts can focus on specific illnesses, treatment options, procedures, or dimensions of nursing care that are evolving from research and best-practice work. We welcome queries from expert clinicians and clinical researchers that focus on their areas of expertise.
  • Original researchAJN seeks to publish original research that is compelling for a broad nursing audience. The focus of the research can be on clinical or professional issues. Peer reviews of research manuscripts include methodological and statistical evaluation. AJN conducts media outreach for the original research it publishes when it’s of interest to a public or broader health care audience. Thus, the original research we publish is widely disseminated. Potential authors should query AJN with an abstract.
  • Reflections are stories about nursing, health, or health care that cause readers to reflect on their own practice. Reflections are 850 words in length.
  • Art of Nursing – This monthly column publishes poetry and artwork, not necessarily by nurses. Submissions are reviewed by a panel of artists and poets, most of whom are also nurses.

Please review our author guidelines for each of these article types by going to:  Prospective authors are encouraged to e-mail query letters before submitting through Editorial Manager, that must include an abstract and outline, without the manuscript, to senior editorial coordinator Alison Bulman at:

Maureen “Shawn” Kennedy, MA, RN, Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Nursing


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