CFS: Research, Theory/Philosophy (ANS)

The primary purposes of Advances in Nursing Science (ANS) are to contribute to the development of nursing science and to promote the application of emerging theories and research findings to practice. Articles deal with any of the processes of science, including research, theory development, concept analysis, practical application of research and theory, and investigation of the values and ethics that influence the practice and research endeavors of nursing sciences. Acceptance or rejection of an article is based on the judgment of peer reviewers. Each issue is focused on a general topic, and manuscripts must be submitted by the date indicated for an identified issue topic. Forthcoming issue topics are provided for the upcoming 4 to 6 issues. A general description of the focus and suggested content for different types of articles follows:

Research articles: Empirical research (descriptive, quasi-experimental, experimental, basic) should include a clear and concise summary of the purpose and problem, a statement of the hypothesis (when applicable), background and significance, theoretical framework, design, methods and procedures, analyses of data, findings, conclusions, and implications for further research and nursing practice. All research approaches are welcome, including all qualitative methods and historical research articles dealing with the history of nursing practice or nursing science.

Theory and philosophy articles: Development of theory and philosophy are considered foundational for the development of nursing knowledge, and should include a review of literature upon which the work builds. Implications for nursing research and for development of nursing theory should also be included. Theory analyses and development is an in-depth analysis of existing theory and development of extensions or alternative theory based on the existing theory; comparative analyses of different related theories. A summary of implications for nursing research or nursing practice should be included.

Beginning in June of 2006, each issue ANS includes paper and on-line articles. All articles are listed in the Table of Contents for both the paper and on-line sections. The Table of Contents in the paper volume includes the titles of all on-line articles, the names of all authors, and a condensed abstract. A link directly to the article online is provided at the end of the abstract. All articles are available on Ovid and are indexed with CINHAL, ISI, and all other indexes in which ANS appears.

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