CFS: Sexuality & Disability

Sexuality and Disability

A Journal Devoted to the Psychological and Medical Aspects of Sexuality in Rehabilitation and Community Settings (Editor: S. Hough)

Sexuality and Disability provides original scholarly articles addressing the psychological and medical aspects of sexuality in relation to rehabilitation. Publishing up-to-date articles, case studies, clinical practice reports, and research and survey data reports, this international quarterly offers you the latest developments in the areas of sexuality as it relates to a wide range of disabilities. Contributions address consumer issues; clinical and research progress; community programs; independent living programs; guidelines for clinical practice; contemporary developments in special programs in sex education and counseling for people with disabilities. Special issues with internationally renowned guest editors concentrate on current topics in sexual health. Sexuality and Disability is an essential resource for the exchange of new knowledge, techniques, and available modalities for rehabilitation professionals, patients, and staff members of community and independent living programs.

Impact Factor: 0.311 (2008)

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