CFS: Int’l J of Prisoner Health

The International Journal of Prisoner Health provides a much-needed platform for an interdisciplinary approach to prisoners’ health. Its purpose is to facilitate an exchange of information and good practice among experts in the field from a range of different cultural interpretations and perspectives. Further, the journal seeks to stimulate wider academic research of the issues by providing a focus for study and publication by academics and practitioners with interests in health in the prison context.More specifically, the journal: debates the key issues that impact on health in prison and health of prisoners (e.g. tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, other communicable diseases, mental health, alcoholism, problematic drug use, self-harm, suicide, influence of the physical and psycho-social environment, staff health and safety); investigates the effect of prison on the health and wellbeing of prisoners and the influence of prisoner culture (e.g. forced sex and hierarchy); encourages research into health issues experienced by the whole prison population including women, migrant and ethnic minorities; considers the impact of prison conditions on staff health; looks holistically at the prison setting in the context of public health and in terms of a health promotion approach as developed by the World Health Organisation; brings together research and practice to inform the development of health policy and practical approaches within the prison environment, using evidence-based studies.

Researchers, scholars, practitioners and students from a range of disciplines including nursing, medicine, public health, criminology, human rights, social work, sociology, social policy, women’s studies, psychology, anthropology, law, health education and occupational therapy.

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