Academic Spring: A Wellcome Moment

As Monica H. Green (Professor of History, School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, Arizona State U) recently brought to the attention of members of Medieval Medicine listserv (MEDMED):

Some of you have already heard about a movement among scientists to break the stranglehold that a small number of publishers have on scientific journal publication. Now dubbed the “Academic Spring” (obviously after the “Arab Spring”), researchers are signing a petition to boycott those journals that restrict free sharing.

Given that most publications of scientific work in paleopathology and paleomicrobiology are in major scientific journals by these same publishers, this is an issue that affects those medievalists interested in keeping up on the new work on plague, leprosy, etc. The Wellcome Trust has now joined this movement, not in boycotting the journals but in insisting that research conducted with its monies be made available open-access within six months of publication. See:

This moment is of relevance to health researchers.



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