CFS: Critical Public Health

Critical Public Health (CPH) is a respected peer-review journal for researchers and practitioners working in public health, health promotion and related fields. It brings together international scholarship to provide critical analyses of theory and practice, reviews of literature and explorations of new ways of working. The journal publishes high quality work that is open and critical in perspective and which reports on current research and debates in the field. CPH encourages an interdisciplinary focus and features innovative analyses. It is committed to exploring and debating issues of equity and social justice; in particular, issues of sexism, racism and other forms of oppression. Originally titled Radical Community Medicine, CPH has been in existence since 1979 providing ‘cutting edge’ thinking in public health and related fields. In 1991 the journal moved to a theme-based format providing publications to a large constituency, and in the mid-1990s it was relaunched as a fully international scholarly journal, welcoming high quality contributions from around the world in public health and related areas. While primarily of interest to those working within health and related areas, it includes contemporary empirical and theoretical work from a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, communications, cultural studies, epidemiology, health studies, health promotion, history, politics, sociology, medicine, public health, social policy, psychology, nursing, geography, ethnicity, and gender studies as well as basic and applied sciences that contribute to the promotion of health and prevention of disease. It brings all these disciplines to bear on world-wide public health topics in broad focus. The journal is an essential resource for a wide audience of practitioners, researchers, policymakers, planners, managers and academics involved in health debates, including doctors, nurses, community workers, policy analysts, social workers, educators, town planners, geographers, communications experts and others. The content of the journal is of international interest and reflects public health debate around the world. The journal includes short report, comment and book review sections.

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