Summer Hiatus

It has been a busy year for NursingWriting, and as the academic year has drawn to a close, we want to thank all those who make NursingWriting possible: the UConn School of Nursing, journal editors and conference organizers, and our readers.

We now shift into summer hiatus, with fewer (and perhaps less frequent) postings.

This is a good opportunity for nurse writers in academia to plan their writing projects for the summer.

A daily writing habit (or at least a “periodic” writing habit–once weekly, twice weekly–is more productive than “waiting for inspiration” or “waiting until I’ve got a long stretch of uninterrupted time.”

Having clearly defined, measurableĀ goals is more productive than “I have a lot of things I’d like to work on.”

This past semester I worked with a cohort of four full-time clinical nursing faculty to develop a daily writing habit. I sent them an email each morning, telling them “Here’s what I’m working on today” and asking, “What are you working on?” The results were remarkable: conference proposal abstracts, article manuscripts, grant applications.

Write on! Write now!


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