CFS: Telemedicine and e-Health

Telemedicine and e-Health has expanded coverage, publishing 10 issues per year, providing readers with an understanding of new technology applications and evidence-based usage, and a new section on Medical Connectivity. This new section will include roundtables, initiatives in industry, tutorials, webwatch, commentaries, new services, and people in the news. In addition to high quality cutting-edge papers on telemedicine applications in medicine and public health, Telemedicine and e-Health publishes:

  • Telemedicine news
  • Provocative roundtable discussions
  • Interviews with leaders in the field
  • Telebusiness insights and analysis
  • New product information

Telemedicine and e-Health covers all aspects of clinical telemedicine practice, technical advances, medical connectivity, enabling technologies, education, health policy and regulation and biomedical and health services research dealing with clinical effectiveness, efficacy and safety of telemedicine and its effects on quality, cost and accessibility of care, medical records and transmission of same.

Telemedicine applications will play an increasingly important role in health care and provide tools that are indispensable for home health care, remote patient monitoring, and disease management, that encompasses not only rural health and battlefield care, but nursing home, assisted living facilities, and maritime and aviation applications. Advances in technology including wireless connectivity and mobile devices will give practitioners, medical centers, and hospitals important new tools for managing patient care, electronic records, and medical billing to ultimately enable patients to have more control of their own well being. As the nation once more addresses health care reform, the contributions of telemedicine need to be fully understood and appreciated and reimbursement policies must be in place for these applications. Further information at:

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