15 Minute Manager

Over the course of this past semester I worked with a cohort of full-time clinical nursing faculty to develop a daily writing habit. The Write Now! team contracted to write each day for 30 minutes. First thing every morning I sent them an email to describe what I was working on that day (I wanted to walk the walk as well as talking the talk) and asked them what they were working on that day.

Now, an online article in the Chronicle of Higher Education blogs by Natalie Houston, “Why 15 Minutes?” suggests that a kitchen digital timer set to 15 minutes may be productive for a variety of tasks, including:

■15 minutes is effective: you can workout with supersets, plyometrics, or Tabata intervals very effectively in a short time.

■15 minutes is a good start: you can write a few sentences, read a couple of pages, or review some data. That’s enough to get you back into a project you’ve been away from for a few hours or days and can help you build momentum for a longer work session.

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