CFS: HIV and Sex Work

Call for submissions: HIV and Sex Work

Research for Sex Work is seeking contributions for its next issue: HIV and Sex Work. This international journal provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and research results on the subject of sex work in a framework of health and human rights. We give priority to submissions from sex workers – individuals and groups. Although it’s not an academic journal, we do send articles out for review, to achieve the highest possible quality and credibility amongst policymakers. Most readers and authors come from sex worker groups, support organisations, HIV prevention projects, local and international NGOs, universities, research institutes. The journal aims for coverage of all geographical regions. We welcome three types of writing : 1- research results, 2- project or programme descriptions and 3- think pieces. Submissions must be in English, but don’t worry if yours is not perfect – we will edit. Maximum length is 1200 words. If you have an article idea or a question, write to the editor, Laura Agustín, at  by 7 July 2012.

Finished articles will be due 1 August 2012, and authors will need to be available by email to answer questions and make corrections over the following month or so. We also are looking for high-resolution photos for which you own the rights. Write first to describe them to:  This edition will be bilingual: English/Chinese. For a history of the journal and to see earlier editions:


One thought on “CFS: HIV and Sex Work

  1. Have you tried posting a thread for this on the website?It’s a forum that’s geared towards independent escorts in the Uk, but is used by sex workers all over the world.

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