CFS: Gender/Sex, Mixed Methods (J of Multiple Res Approaches)

Journal of Multiple Research Approaches

Special issue on: Mixed Methods in Genders & Sexualities Research

Deadline for Papers: 1st March 2013

Over the past three decades, the international explosion of scholarship in the areas of gender, sex and sexuality has created new fields of inquiry and approaches in the cross-disciplinary fields of the humanities, social, and natural sciences. Innovative methodologies have emerged to address the thorny issues of researching identity and subject positions, practices and activities. Yet despite this, there is still much to be done in the development of mixed methods approaches to the study of gender, sex and sexuality, in addition to further attention being required as to what constitutes best practice in terms of qualitative and quantitative research in the field.

This issue invites work that examines ‘methodology’ in gender, sex and sexualities research. We seek essays that elaborate experiences of both theoretical and empirical approaches to research on gender, sex and sexuality. Studies that have employed qualitative and quantitative, as well as mixed method approaches are welcome. We are particularly interested in essays that expose the challenges, emerging issues and solutions in combining innovative approaches and evaluation programs. Work may be submitted in the format of a case study, literature review, research note or research article.

We invite abstracts from all disciplinary and artistic homes including but not limited to: critical theories of race/gender/sexuality, biomedical fields, literary studies, technology and science studies, legal studies, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities generally. Manuscripts within the scope of the special issue should follow APA 6th edn style, be 6000-8000 words, and submitted for double blind peer review according to the journal’s Author Guidelines at:

Please indicate in the covering email that it is for the special issue on Mixed Methods in Gender(s) and Sexualities Research and the preferred section. Any queries regarding the special issue may be addressed to the Editor in your respective research field or region:

Lisa Jean Moore:

Damien W Riggs:

Cirus Rinaldi:


Abstracts to Editors: October 15, 2012

Manuscript submissions: March 1, 2013

Peer review and revision: March 2013 – July 2013

Final manuscripts for publication: August 31, 2013

Publication: November 2013 (cover date December 2013)


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