Month: July 2012

Times Articles–Your Response?

Two articles in today's New York Times cry out for a response from nurses. "Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen with Health Law" mentions the word "nurse" once but fails to discuss the role of the APRN "What Can Mississippi Learn from Iran" begins with an extended anecdote of a visiting nurse in Mississippi's HealthConnect … Continue reading Times Articles–Your Response?


CFP: 3rd Global Conference: The Patient

3rd Global Conference: The Patient, Saturday 16th March – Monday 18th March 2013, Lisbon, Portugal Call for Proposals: A significant focus for this interdisciplinary project is an annual conference which provides valuable opportunities for participants to become involved in, perhaps, the first of many thoughtful, unique, and creative dialogues with one another. In this engaging … Continue reading CFP: 3rd Global Conference: The Patient

CFP: Interactive Systems, Health Care

WORKSHOP ON INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS IN HEALTHCARE 2012 Co-located with the American Medical Informatics Association’s Fall Symposium November 3-4, 2012 Chicago, Illinois, USA Workshop website: Health Information Technology (HIT) researchers and practitioners are increasingly focusing on the design of interactive systems, human factors, and human-computer interaction in response to the growing emphasis on the … Continue reading CFP: Interactive Systems, Health Care

Sussman: Cultivating the Daily Writing Habit

The evidence base shows that a daily writing habit, even for as few as 30 minutes each day, makes you a more productive writer than does waiting to write until you have long uninterrupted periods of time. Ellen Sussman, writing for the creative writing magazine Poets & Writers (Nov./Dec. 2011), offers guidance on developing "A … Continue reading Sussman: Cultivating the Daily Writing Habit

Theresa Brown: “The July Effect” (NY Times)

New York Times nurse-columnist Theresa Brown (a former professor of English!): "The July Effect brings into sharp relief a reality of hospital care: care is becoming more specialized, and nurses, who sometimes have years of experience, often know more than the greenest physicians. We know about medicating dying patients for pain, but we know a … Continue reading Theresa Brown: “The July Effect” (NY Times)

CFS: Community-based Arts, Health (UNESCO Observatory)

Call for Submissions: International perspectives on the development of research-guided practice in community-based arts in health UNESCO Observatory Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Early Learning Centre. The University of Melbourne Refereed E-Journal, Multi-disciplinary Research in the Arts. Guest Editors: Mike White, Senior Research Fellow for Arts in Health, Centre for Medical Humanities and St. … Continue reading CFS: Community-based Arts, Health (UNESCO Observatory)

RU a PIG In MuD?

Paul Silvia, associate professor of psychology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, for Pacific Standard reviews Dr. Roberta Ness' Innovation Generation: How to Produce Creative and Useful Scientific Ideas (Oxford UP), which employs the acronym PIG In MuD: Phrase a question based on interest, observation, and knowledge. Identify the frames and find alternatives. Generate all … Continue reading RU a PIG In MuD?