Sussman: Cultivating the Daily Writing Habit

The evidence base shows that a daily writing habit, even for as few as 30 minutes each day, makes you a more productive writer than does waiting to write until you have long uninterrupted periods of time.

Ellen Sussman, writing for the creative writing magazine Poets & Writers (Nov./Dec. 2011), offers guidance on developing “A Writer’s Daily Habit: Four Steps to Higher Productivity”:

  1. Pre-writing prep (in her case, five or ten minutes of meditation)
  2. Blocking the Internet (a major distraction and time waster)
  3. The Unit System (breaking down writing tasks into manageable units, e.g. blocks of time, at the end of which she moves on to the next task)
  4. Daily writing (just do it, making an appointment with yourself to ensure that you do)

The article is only available in the print version of the magazine.

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