CFP: Interactive Systems, Health Care


Co-located with the American Medical Informatics Association’s Fall Symposium

November 3-4, 2012 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Workshop website:

Health Information Technology (HIT) researchers and practitioners are increasingly focusing on the design of interactive systems, human factors, and human-computer interaction in response to the growing emphasis on the adoption and impact HIT. Despite this progress, there exists a largely untapped potential to create deeper and more profound connections among the biomedical, informatics, human-computer interaction, human factors, medical sociology and anthropology communities that would lead to the development of new methods, approaches, and techniques for removing the barriers to HIT adoption.

To address this limitation, the Association of Computing and Machinery (ACM) conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’2010) hosted a Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare 2010 (WISH 2010, ). In 2011, the American Medical Informatics Association hosted the second WISH at their Annual Fall Symposium. The workshops attracted over 100 participants from a variety of disciplines, institutions, and experience levels (from undergraduate researchers to world-renowned experts). The workshops included a combination of invited panels, keynote presentations and research presentations, discussing the most pressing issues in the design, development, and evaluation of HIT and the impact of the new research on commercial HIT systems.

Building on the success of the last two workshops and to continue to build bridges between the ACM SIGCHI and Medical Informatics communities, WISH 2012 will be co-located with the American Medical Informatics’ (AMIA) annual Fall Symposium in Chicago, Illinois, on November 3-4, 2012. The workshop will be a part of the pre-AMIA program. For WISH 2012, we aim to work towards a joint deliverable that can inform the course of future research endeavors between ACM SIGCHI and AMIA, thus we will have a 1.5 day workshop that will include invited talks and panels, breakout sessions, and peer-reviewed poster sessions. This format will provide participants ample time to network, discuss ideas, and work together to define a WISH-oriented research agenda.

SUBMISSIONS: For WISH 2012, we are accepting two types of submissions: interactive posters and panels. Interactive posters provide researchers with the opportunity to briefly present their work during a minute madness session and then spend time discussing their work with attendees during a poster session. Panels can be proposed for any topic related to the design, development, deployment, and analysis of any interactive system in healthcare in academia, industry, or public policy. Both interactive posters and panels should be submitted as two-page (maximum length) papers in the AMIA submission format:

Interactive poster submission should include:

  • A concise description of the idea(s)
  • Results, findings or theoretical discussion
  • The implications of the work to the interdisciplinary community who may be present
  • Recommendations for further investigation

Panels should be limited to four panelists and a moderator. Panels will have 1 hour including time for audience questions. Submissions should include:

  • A summary about the panel and the panel aims.
  • A discussion of what issues will be discussed during the panel and information about what each panelists will be presenting (if applicable)
  • A brief overview of how the panel will work to provide an idea about how panelist presentations will be mixed with interactivity
  • A statement about the relevance of the panel to the WISH community
  • A bio for the moderator and each panelist

Accepted submissions will be published in the WISH 2012 proceedings. Authors retain all copyright. We encourage preliminary ideas, design sketches, experimental results, policy and theoretical contributions, works in progress, and any other health and interactive systems related content. The goal of the workshop is to foster discussion, encourage broad ideas, and bring together a wide interdisciplinary audience. Full literature reviews are not expected, although relevant citations should be included. The paper and abstract, as submitted for review, will be regarded as the final publication-ready version of your submission. Therefore, the abstract and paper submission must be clearly written, carefully proofread and correctly formatted.


  • August 10: Poster and panels submissions due
  • Early September: Notification

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please submit your poster, panel, or mentoring program submission via the WISH 2012 EasyChair submission site:

Once an author has created an account and logged into EasyChair,click the “Submissions” tab, click the “Add a submission” link on the upper right. Complete the submission instructions and then click the “submit” button at the end of the form. If you have questions or need further information, please email us:

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago at WISH.

Wanda Pratt, Ph.D. University of Washington, Co-Chair

Katie Siek, Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder, Co-Chair

Andrea Hartzler, Ph.D. University of Washington, Workshop Organizer


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