CFS: Depth Psych Research (Int’l J Multiple Res Approaches)

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches

Depth Psychological Research Methods: Multiple and Engaged Approaches: Deadline for Papers: 15th December 2012

Guest Editors: Jennifer Leigh Selig, PhD, Academic Director of Hybrid Programs, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara CA and New York NY, United States of America, and Suzanne Cremen Davidson MA, LLB, BA, PhD candidate in Depth Psychology (Jungian and Archetypal Studies), Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara CA and New York NY, United States of America

Depth psychology is a formal discipline of inquiry that values the autonomous psyche as a source of knowledge. The foundational belief in depth psychology that there is not only a personal unconscious, but a collective unconscious, and that we are in part unconscious beings, radically undermines assumptions in quantitative, positivist, and even post-positivist approaches, challenging the hegemony of rational, mechanical forms of knowing. Depth psychological research is guided by an acknowledgement of the role of the unconscious as inherently creative and in part unknowable, thereby having an effect on being and knowledge. This issue invites work that examines how a depth psychological form of inquiry may become ‘a way of approaching any number of topics, including the arts, literature, humanities, social science and even natural sciences such as medicine, biology, and physics. . . . guided by the psyche, which is fathomless, fluid, complex’ (Coppin & Nelson, 2005, p. 20). We seek feature articles that investigate the role of the unconscious in research and its implications for research design and findings; as well as those which explore ways of working with the unconscious as a researcher. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Historical and philosophical perspectives
  • Conceptual and theoretical perspectives
  • Methodological advances and approaches to research presentation which acknowledge the role of the unconscious in psyche, body, and culture
  • Diversity and ethical issues
  • Literature reviews
  • Approaches to teaching and learning
  • Synthesis of depth psychological forms of inquiry with other multiple, hybrid and mixed research approaches
  • Practitioner perspectives and advice for novice researchers
  • Case applications and approaches in various fields (for example: clinical, organizational, vocational, leadership, the arts, etc.)

We encourage papers that integrate depth psychological epistemologies and methodologies with other research approaches on topics as diverse as ecology and environment, political and economic instabilities, clinical practice, biomedical fields, technology and science, legal studies, the social sciences, literary studies, popular culture, and the arts and humanities generally.

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches welcomes contributions with American, European, Asian, regional, global and transnational foci. Manuscripts within the scope of the special issue should follow APA 6th edn style, be 6000-8000 words, and submitted for double blind peer review according to the journal’s Author Guidelines at:   Please indicate in the covering email that it is for the special issue on Depth Psychological Research Approaches. Any queries regarding the special issue may be addressed to the Editors.

Dr Jennifer Leigh Selig:  | Suzanne Cremen Davidson:


Abstracts to editors: November 1, 2012

Manuscript submissions: December 15, 2012

Peer review and revision: December 2012 – May 2013

Final manuscripts for publication: June 1, 2013

Publication: August 2013 (cover date September 2013)


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