CFS: Systemic Trauma (J of Trauma & Dissociation)

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation: Systemic Trauma | Special Issue Guest Editors: Rachel E. Goldsmith, Ph.D., Christina Gamache Martin, M.S., and Carly Smith, M.A., M.S.

Email for Guest Editors:

Substantial theoretical, empirical, and clinical work examines trauma as it relates to individual victims and perpetrators. Fewer investigations address the broader contexts that give rise to trauma, maintain it, and impact responses. This issue of JTD will expand upon this emerging literature to explore facets of institutions, cultures, and communities that contribute to trauma and outcomes such as public perceptions, legal and financial consequences, and psychological and physical health. We are seeking articles on topics including, but not limited to, trauma involving institutions such as schools and universities, churches and other religious institutions, the military, work environments, hospitals, jails and prisons; agencies such as police, foster care, immigration, federal assistance, disaster management, and the media; conflicts involving war, torture, terrorism and refugees; dynamics of racism, sexism, discrimination, bullying, and homophobia; and issues pertaining to measurement, methodology, advocacy, and intervention. Views that integrate frameworks outside of psychology are encouraged as we work to broaden our understanding of trauma to include phenomena such as coercion, secrecy, normalizing the status quo, and misinformation that often occur at a systemic level. Empirical papers and papers of clinical significance are encouraged, and will be peer-reviewed. Manuscripts should be 1500-5500 words. For more instructions, see Submission Instructions for Authors at:  Inquiries and submissions should be sent to the special issue editors at:  

You are welcome to submit a draft abstract or synopsis of a potential paper. We will do our best to provide constructive feedback.

Deadline: Submit papers for the special issue to by December 1, 2012. Receipt of papers will be acknowledged by email. For more information about the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, see:  or

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