CFP: Expanding Vistas for Bioethics

The 24th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference | New Heights & Broader Plains: Expanding Vistas for Bioethics | May 29 – June 1, 2013 | Rimrock Resort Hotel, Banff, AB

The conference is designed to provide intellectual stimulation, opportunities for networking, sharing of learning, and building of community for all individuals, whatever their background, who have an interest in ethical issues relating to health, the environment and the life sciences. All those interested in contributing to the bioethics conversation – from beginners to experts alike – are encouraged to attend for inspiration, renewal and discovery in one of Canada’s most breath-taking natural settings!

The field of bioethics is broadening its scope and pushing traditional boundaries in recognition of the fact that ethical issues affecting human life and the natural environment touch on almost every area of human endeavor. Acknowledging this breadth, the 2013 CBS Annual Conference aims to expand the circle of bioethics discussions.

The theme New Heights and Broader Plains: Expanding Vistas for Bioethics is designed to: (a) stimulate dialogue in areas of bioethics that may be less commonly discussed or under-appreciated, and (b) engage, as part of the conversation, populations that may be under-served or whose voices may be less commonly heard.

Call for Abstracts and Moderators: The Call for Abstracts will be open from September 17 to November 30, 2012. The theme of the 2013 Canadian Bioethics Society Annual Conference is New Heights and Broader Plains: Expanding Vistas for Bioethics. The Conference Planning Committee invites proposals for papers, workshops or posters that stimulate discussion and share valuable learning across the broad scope of bioethics. In particular, and consistent with the conference theme, submissions are encouraged that highlight populations and areas of bioethics that are less commonly explored and discussed, such as, but by no means limited to:

Areas within Bioethics

  •  Aboriginal health ethics
  •  Community-based ethics
  •  Corrections ethics
  •  Disability ethics
  •  Disaster ethics
  •  Diversity issues
  •  Ethics and health technology assessment
  •  Ethics and rehabilitation
  •  Global bioethics
  •  Mental health and addictions ethics
  •  Public health ethics
  •  Rural ethics

Populations within Bioethics

  •  Aboriginal peoples
  •  Disaster victims
  •  Individuals with dementia
  •  Non-industrialized world citizens
  •  Individuals with disabilities
  •  The elderly
  •  Ethnic / cultural minorities
  •  Mental health and addictions survivors
  •  Incarcerated individuals

The Call for Moderators will be open from September 17 to February 11, 2013. We invite you to submit your name for consideration as a moderator for concurrent sessions. The Program Committee is seeking expressions of interest for moderators for concurrent sessions at the CBS Conference. Moderated sessions will consist of three 15 minute oral presentations, grouped by theme. The presentations will be followed by a combined-30 minute discussion period, facilitated by the moderator. There will be a separate timekeeper. The moderator will be someone with relevant background who is knowledgeable about the theme of the concurrent session. The moderator will receive the three completed papers or slides 4 weeks before the conference. Following the oral presentations, the moderator will provide a brief (maximum 5 minute) commentary, during which he or she will draw insights from and connections between the presentations, and make contributions from his or her own experience. The moderator will then moderate questions from the floor, possibly beginning the conversation with some prepared questions to stimulate discussion. The moderator will ensure that the discussion is, as much as possible, inclusive of the 3 presenters and that time is shared fairly among the participants in the room.

Further details about the proposal process and the 24th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference can be found at


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