CFP: Public Health (ICPP)

ICPP – Call for papers – The Widening Agenda of Public Health – Grenoble, June 26-28 June 2013

A widening public health agenda challenges governments in new and different ways. For example, the growing evidence of the importance of the social determinants of health suggests that economic inequality is closely correlated with poor health. New diseases require public health authorities to develop new programs and governance approaches for controlling infectious disease. Moreover, there is (at least in some countries) growing distrust by citizens of the traditional public health programs such as vaccination or water fluoridation. Whereas the traditional public health concerns were commonly seen as the responsibility of specialized officials (often at the local level), the new public health agenda involves governments at all levels and often implies an ambitious and expansive role for the national state and international collaboration efforts. Action on the SDOH often requires whole-of-government responses that are difficult to design and implement. Action on inequality requires redistribution and new initiatives in social provision at a time when the trend is to continue to shrink the welfare state. Research by public health specialists, while often empirically rich, is seldom linked to theories of the policy process and policy change. Thus, the framing of the new and expanded policy agenda of public health offers a rich menu for policy scholars working with existing theories of policy making and governance. This panel invites papers that deal with the wide range of public policy, politics and governance issues of the “new public health agenda”. We are interested in papers that create bridges between empirical research and theory in public health and contemporary theories of policymaking and governance. We also encourage contributors to come up with genuinely comparative papers that compares two or more countries or use a single case to address theoretical and conceptual issues or draw out differences from the general trend in other countries. This panel is part of the First International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) to be held at Sciences Po Grenoble, June 26-28 June 2013. The formal call for papers is now available:

The guidelines for proposing a paper are available here:

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2013.


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