Chronicle: Should You Say Yes Or No?

One obstacle to completing writing projects is already having too much else to do, what Robert Boice characterizes as “busyness.” Nurses, with an ethos of service at the core of their careers, may have particular difficulty knowing when (and how) to say, “No.”

Natalie Houston, writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, offers some guidelines to help discern when and how to say “Yes” or “No.” Houston notes that “Some parts of your schedule are flexible and some are not,” while “Many academic commitments are hidden or variable.” She analyzes why we say “Yes.” She offers helpful analytical questions:

■What would be the benefit of doing this?

■Who would I meet or connect with through doing this?

■What would I learn from doing this?

■What experience would I gain from doing this?

■What would I have to give up to do this?

■What would be the consequence of not doing this?

And she provides formulas for declining invitations gracefully.

The article is on line:

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