STTI Capstone International Nursing Book Award

The Capstone International Nursing Book Award

PURPOSE: The Capstone International Nursing Book Award recognizes the excellence of one outstanding book published by nurses.

ELIGIBILITY: Any nursing books published for the first time from 2 February 2011 through 1 February 2013 are eligible. Book must be in print by close of eligibility period.

NOMINATIONS: Publishers, authors or readers may nominate books for The Capstone International Nursing Book Award.

CRITERIA: Book will be judged for the following qualities:

  •  Supports the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference in health worldwide.
  •  Exhibits exceptional publishing qualities including editorial, production and manufacturing values.
  •  Includes an electronic distribution component (please note in supporting narrative).
  •  Exhibits excellence in its subject matter through author expertise, level and type of coverage, contributors, reviews, awards, adoptions, endorsements, etc.
  •  Judges will also take into consideration originality and approach, reader appeal, academic and scholarly quality and suitability of vocabulary and content for the specific audience within nursing.
  •  Must be submitted in English

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Supporting documents required below must address the criteria. A complete nomination consists of:

  •  Online entry form and payment
  •  Supporting narrative (1-2 pages)
  •  Supporting PDF of reviews, author bios and credentials, contributor bios and credentials, and other examples that support the judging criteria
  •  Four (4) nonreturnable copies of the book in English mailed to STTI

CONTACT INFORMATION: For further information or to make a contribution to fund this award, contact Renee Wilmeth, STTI publisher, +1.317.634.8171 (International), 888.634.7575 (U.S./Canada toll free) or e-mail


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