CFS: IJ Nursing Ed Scholarship

The International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship (IJNES) is the first fully electronic peer-reviewed journal in which original papers on nursing education issues and research are published. The Journal is a member of the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). The Editors and Editorial Board are fully committed to maintaining excellence in the quality and scientific rigor of the articles they recommend for publication. Papers involving theory, research, innovations, issues and perspectives about nursing education, as well as responses to articles are published in IJNES. The contents of IJNES will be available at affordable subscription costs only through the Internet to faculty, practitioners, students, and libraries. The Journal takes full advantage of electronic media from submission, through review, to publication. Authors are encouraged to use digital technologies to enhance their submissions. The web-based publishing environment supports the inclusion of video-clips, sound bites, supplementary tables, or even hypertext links to other sites as needed while maintaining efficiency, affordability, and global accessibility. The rapid turnaround from submission to publication, with the possibility of direct but anonymous communication about the publication with the reviewer, allows timely publication of work. If you are interested in being considered as a possible reviewer for manuscripts submitted to IJNES, please complete the reviewer registration form. Further information at:


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