CFS: J Cultural Competence Nursing Healthcare

Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare’s first issue appeared online in January 2011.

The Journal’s Philosophy: Nursing is a theory based humanistic discipline which serves individuals, organizations, communities, and institutions. The OJCCNH seeks to disseminate scholarly work among nurses and other health care professionals through publication of articles on culturally competent and congruent care-based research, theory, education, practice, administration, and policy. Culturally competent care occurs when culture care values are known and serve as the foundation for meaningful care. Care is the core construct for the discipline of nursing and human care is defined within the context of culture. This journal encourages dialogue representing diverse perspectives, fosters debate, and clarifies moral/ethical decision making on related topics of interest and concern to promote health and wellbeing for all people.

The Journal’s Purpose: The Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare is a free quarterly peer-reviewed publication that provides a forum for discussion of the issues, trends, theory, research, evidence-based and best practices in the provision of culturally congruent and competent nursing and healthcare. The focus of the journal is on the provision of culturally congruent and competent nursing and healthcare for individuals, groups, communities and organizations. A culturally competent nursing the health care workforce is needed to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and choices that will reduce, and ultimately eliminate, health disparities. The Editorial Board Members endeavor to present different perspectives on the provision of culturally congruent and competent nursing and healthcare relative to contemporary trends and issues that influence clinical practice, administration, education, theory and research in nursing and healthcare. The interactive format of the journal encourages an in-depth, dynamic dialogue resulting in a comprehensive discussion of the topic, thereby: 1) contributing to the body of nursing and healthcare knowledge; 2) providing a foundation for healthcare policy implications; 3) promoting the overall wellbeing and health of people from diverse and similar cultures; and 4) reducing health disparities in traditionally underrepresented and/or minority populations. Author guidelines and submission info available at:



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  1. […] One might wonder how a blog about cultural competence is included in the topic of CAM.  Many cultures subscribe to a large assortment of CAM modalities, and only use traditional medicine as a back up when their CAM treatment is not working as hoped.  A significant extent of being culturally competent is accepting CAM as a valid treatment option, and understanding that the client could likely rely upon CAM modalities as treatment regularly (Oman, 2011).  Integrating CAM modalities which a client is comfortable with, along with traditional medical treatments displays a degree of cultural competence, and provides a more trusting environment for the client (Oman, 2011).  Two blogs on the relationship between health care and cultural competence are, and […]

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