CFS: Case Management & Home Care

Care Management Journals now conveniently combines two must-read publications in case management and home care. Created from two well-established and authoritative journals in the field, this new publication offers a digest of contemporary expertise in the home care field.

The main goal of the Journal of Case Management is to disseminate relevant information pertinent to the field of case management. Published independently for 7 years, its articles focus on case management practice and includes reviews of case management programs, explanations of procedures or systems, case studies, innovative ideas for professional development, helpful hints, and other issues common to the field.

It is complemented by the Journal of Long Term Home Health Care, which originated from the PRIDE Institute for 17 years. This journal investigates current issues and reports on programs and policy initiatives for the homebound frail elderly. Its articles attempt to analyze a topic in detail, forecast developments, and provide the reader with an enhanced perspective. While addressed primarily to home health care professionals, the articles are written with a lay readership also in view.

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