CFS: 21st C Nursing (Nursing Philosophy)

Nursing Philosophy: Submission deadline extended to 25th July 2013

Call for papers for Special Issue: Nursing in the 21st Century, Guest Editor: Janet Holt

The practice of nursing has changed in response to a number of external and internal drivers such as government policy, professional body requirements, the impact of globalisation and economic upheaval. Advanced practitioners with far reaching skills are a feature of modern nursing and, in some countries, there is a substantial increase in the number of non qualified assistant practitioners. Programmes that prepare students to become registered practitioners are mostly at undergraduate level and in some instances post graduate level, and it is not uncommon for practising nurses to hold Master’s degrees and doctorates. But what are the effects of these and other changes on what might be thought of as the traditional values of nursing such as caring, maintaining dignity and individualised care. This Special Issue invites papers that seek to address the meaning of nursing in the 21st century by, for example, outlining what is understood by nursing in the 21st century, discussing how we may adequately describe nursing in the second decade of the 21st century, or exploring what the future might hold for nursing. Such papers may be broad in scope, or focus upon a particular issue in the area of nursing practice, nursing research or nursing education. Manuscripts should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the author guidelines, which can be found on the Nursing Philosophy home page (author guidelines) and will be subject to the usual peer-review process. When submitting your manuscript please state that the article is for the special issue: ‘Nursing in the 21st Century’. The deadline for submission of manuscripts has been extended to 25th July 2013. Authors who would like to discuss their ideas for a paper with the guest editor for this themed issue are welcome to contact Dr Janet Holt at:

Author guidelines here:


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