Month: June 2013

Rachel Toor: “I Don’t Write Enough Because”

Writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education's "Do Your Job Better" feature, Rachel Toor lists common (and some uncommon) excuses that people use to explain why they don't get any or more writing done. She proposes the following remedies: Make writing routine. Give yourself interim deadlines. Have a goal. Don't buy into your own neuroses. … Continue reading Rachel Toor: “I Don’t Write Enough Because”

CFS: 21st C Nursing (Nursing Philosophy)

Nursing Philosophy: Submission deadline extended to 25th July 2013 Call for papers for Special Issue: Nursing in the 21st Century, Guest Editor: Janet Holt The practice of nursing has changed in response to a number of external and internal drivers such as government policy, professional body requirements, the impact of globalisation and economic upheaval. Advanced … Continue reading CFS: 21st C Nursing (Nursing Philosophy)

The Research Article: A rhetorical analysis

The research manuscript is a formulaic genre (type, category, classification) with its own conventions (rules, readers' expectations). Kim Sydow Campbell's Pros Write blog offers a rhetorical analysis of the key "moves" (communication strategies) of the research article. An introduction to the genre of the research article: A discussion of the research article's introduction section: An analysis … Continue reading The Research Article: A rhetorical analysis

CFS: ViewPoint (AAACN)

ViewPoint, the official newsletter of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN), is a bimonthly publication for nursing professionals. The newsletter is dedicated to presenting up-to-date information on current topics in ambulatory care nursing and telehealth nursing practice. ViewPoint also provides a forum for communication between the AAACN Board of Directors and association members. … Continue reading CFS: ViewPoint (AAACN)