CFS: Creative Nursing

Creative Nursing is an issue focused journal, unique in its recognition of the values inherent in the nursing profession. Excellence and professionalism are not exclusive to any one discipline or specialty, and the editors of Creative Nursing are dedicated to developing nursing leaders at all levels and in all settings.

Today’s health care institutions need creative and innovative solutions. Nurses need to think creatively, to experiment, to take risks, and to innovate. Creative Nursing promotes best practices in all aspects of caring—caring for self, patients, families, colleagues, and communities.

You became a nurse because of your sincere dedication and commitment to helping others in their time of need. Nursing is both your profession and avocation. But, perhaps, somewhere along the way you or others with whom you work have run into roadblocks, impediments to successful nursing that leave you wondering about the cause for the disconnect between how you believe things should work and how they actually do work. Can you effect change? Can you offer solutions? Creative Nursing provides you with articles that reaffirm your beliefs in the power of nurses and the practice of nursing in our health care system and provides strategies for dealing with, and overcoming, difficult situations successfully. Whether you need to reconnect with your passion for the art of nursing and patient care or are looking for successful techniques to use to infuse your enthusiasm in your colleagues and staff, Creative Nursing is the journal you need.

Founded and published by Marie Manthey, nursing pioneer and award-winning author, Creative Nursing is edited by nurses who love the profession and have a vision for its future. For more than 20 years, Creative Nursing has helped nurses in all settings develop their professional practice. Our editors and authors use their unique vision and voice to lead meaningful conversations about what it means to be a nurse.

Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome and are subject to review before acceptance for publication. Creative Nursing considers manuscripts on topics related to both the practical and theoretical aspects of the nursing profession, including:

  • • Original articles presenting thoughtful discussion of a topic, often including a review of the available body of knowledge concerning the topic
  • • Interviews with clinicians and other experts in various fields related to the current theme
  • • Personal stories and first-hand accounts related to the currenttheme
  • • Commentaries and opinion pieces
  • • Reports of research related to the current theme
  • • Reviews of books, articles, and/or presentations

For more information about the Journal:

For guidelines for contributors:


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