CFP: Philosophy, Nursing

Philosophy in the Nurse’s World: Troubling Practice

The Philosophy in the Nurse’s World conference was inaugurated by the Institute, now the unit for Philosophical Nursing Research (uPNR), a working group of the University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing oriented to the pursuit of philosophical nursing knowledge.

The Philosophy in the Nurse’s World conference provides a forum for advancing philosophical nursing inquiry. In May 2010 and 2012, the conference examined questions of ‘the political’ and nursing practices, examining questions relating to the social, political and economic conditions organizing nursing as a discipline and a field of care. In 2014 we will continue our collective conversation by philosophically exploring and analyzing the idea of ‘ troubling practice’. We are drawn to this idea because of sever characteristics of the current contexts of nursing including a continuing emphasis on instrumentalism and corporatism; the spread of economic discourses beyond their ‘proper’ sphere: a preoccupation with ‘productivity’ and outputs; and the normalization of constraint, disparity and austerity.

Although these are not new features of nursing contexts, their intensification calls us to explore ways we might challenge or disrupt their influence, develop counter discourses or critiques, or articulate philosophical resources that might enable us to retain and extend space for philosophical inquiry and practice – all as ways, in Lyotard’s terms, of providing resistances to or illumination about what is happening right now.

Details here:

Deadline for abstract submission: December 1, 2013



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