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Best wishes for the solstice and new year!

–Tom Long


CFS: The Intima (Narrative)

The Intima is an electronic journal dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of narrative medicine, an interdisciplinary field aiming to enhance health care through the development of effective communication and understanding between caregivers and their patients. By providing an online venue for the expression of personal experience within the medical arena, The Intima creates space for caregivers, professionals, patients, and families to share their narratives in a format that fosters empathy, reflection, and deeper understanding of the diversity inherent in effective delivery of care. Find out more here:

Poetry: AJN

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NURSING (circ. 120,000), seeks poems and visual art related to health or health care for its Art of Nursing department. Authors need not be health care professionals. Original perspectives and clear, unsentimental writing are preferred. $150 honorarium paid upon publication. Query Art of Nursing coordinator: