Month: March 2014

Seductive Posters

Writing in the Chronicle's Vitae section, Kathryn Everson summarizes guides for creating effective poster session posters: She reviews the need for planning, attention to layout, typography, and color, and software tools. About the latter, she suggests that Microsoft's PowerPoint, which is typically used by academics for posters but was designed for projection systems, is … Continue reading Seductive Posters


CFS: Academic Medicine’s “Last Page”

Call for Academic Medicine "Last Page" Submissions Can you explain in a single page an issue or phenomenon important to those who work at medical schools and teaching hospitals? Academic Medicine seeks original submissions for its AM Last Page feature. This feature is designed to make the journal’s content more accessible to more people by … Continue reading CFS: Academic Medicine’s “Last Page”

CFS: Spontaneous Generations (Philosophy, History, Science)

Spontaneous Generations is an online, peer-reviewed academic journal established to provide a platform for interdisciplinary discussion and debate about issues that concern the community of scholars in the history and philosophy of science and related fields. A unique feature of the journal is a Focused Discussion section consisting of short peer-reviewed and invited articles devoted … Continue reading CFS: Spontaneous Generations (Philosophy, History, Science)