CFS: Academic Medicine’s “Last Page”

Call for Academic Medicine “Last Page” Submissions

Can you explain in a single page an issue or phenomenon important to those who work at medical schools and teaching hospitals? Academic Medicine seeks original submissions for its AM Last Page feature. This feature is designed to make the journal’s content more accessible to more people by promoting a general understanding of issues important to the academic medicine community. A Last Page tells a story, visually and succinctly, through tables, graphs, images, and/or other presentations of concepts, trends, policies, programs, persons, or events. A Last Page may cover any topic related to Academic Medicine’s focus areas: education and training issues, health and science policy, research practice, institutional issues, or clinical practice in academic settings. An AM Last Page should not be a condensed poster presentation or a promotional piece. Although an AM Last Page may be related to an article published in the journal, the Last Page should not be a figure or table that belongs in the article.

Examples of published Last Pages include:

  • The Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • Generalizability in Medical Education Research
  • The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) Degree
  • Understanding Title VII
  • Sir William Osler’s Major Contributions to Medical Education

AM Last Page is an ongoing feature of the journal with no deadline and may be submitted at any time.



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