LAP Dancing

Please forgive the naughty (but, I hope, attention getting) subject line, but I want to draw your attention to a book publishing scam: LAP (Lambert Academic Publishing).

One of our recent doctoral graduates received a solicitation from LAP to publish in book from her dissertation.

Here is what Jeffrey Beall had to say about LAP back in 2012:

This publisher solicits from recent graduates, and its Web site invites the publication not only of doctoral dissertations but also master’s theses and even baccalaureate theses.

They offer a quick turnaround from the time of your ms submission to its acceptance (almost certainly guaranteed). There is no anonymous peer review, and LAP even acknowledges that copy editing would only add cost, so your ms is ready for print.

Trust me when I tell you: Reputable academic publishers rarely solicit book manuscripts (except from seasoned scholars or emerging scholars of conspicuous excellence), and even less rarely will they solicit a dissertation. Their in-boxes are already full of book proposals and sample chapters, and the successful publication of a book requires substantial revision of the dissertation. (For example, I chopped my 600-page behemoth dissertation down to a 300-page ms that was published as AIDS and American Apocalypticism.)

A couple of observations about scholarly book publishing. First, a reputable university or scholarly press will subject a ms to rigorous review: not only the acquisitions editor and a specialist series editor (usually a university professor with an active research program) but also two or more anonymous peer reviewers. In other words, a scholarly book (the gold standard for publishing in the humanities, for example) is as rigorously reviewed as a journal article ms.

However, in the discipline of nursing science, the peer reviewed journal article is generally the gold standard for disseminating new knowledge. So, doctoral students and recent grads, work on revising the dissertation in the form of one or more journal articles.

Current doctoral students or recent graduates should consult with their dissertation advisers in order determine the appropriate journals to which they should submit their mss.

Always check Beall’s website if you are uncertain:


2 thoughts on “LAP Dancing

  1. I also had a recent PhD grad who was approached by Lambert. Her dissertation manuscript (which was well written) had been quickly rejected by her 1st choice journal, so she was discouraged and ready to go with Lambert’s “generous” offer. Fortunately, she reached out to me for guidance, first, and I was able to set her straight.

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