Write First, Clear Decks Later

Joli Jensen, writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Vitae reminds us: If you’re waiting to clear the decks before you start writing, you won’t get to around to writing:

Letting go of the delusion that things are going to settle down later will free you to figure out how to secure writing time now. If your heart sinks at that prospect, it may be because (like my colleague) you believe you can’t possibly put one more obligation—like writing—into your life right now. The key is to remember that your scholarly work is not just one more commitment. It is not “one more thing.” It is the main thing in your professional life. It is what you need to do to be happy in your chosen field. And it can be a rewarding thing, once you establish frequent, low-stress, high-reward encounters, in a supportive environment, with a project you care about.

See more at: https://chroniclevitae.com/news/683-face-it-your-decks-will-never-be-cleared#sthash.O7jfPFNl.dpuf



2 thoughts on “Write First, Clear Decks Later

  1. Tom,
    I am beginning to work on my dissertation at the University of Hartford’s EDD program.
    My thesis is exploring the student nurse’s confidence in environmental health knowledge.
    I am looking for a proof reader, which was suggested by my advisor-(APA and grammar).
    Do you have any recommendations?
    Thank you,
    Kathy Murphy

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