CFP: Professionalism in Health Care

“The Role of Professionalism in Health Care: Essential Elements, Perspectives, and What’s at Risk”
Academy for Professionalism in Health Care, 3rd Annual Conference, May 7-9, 2015,
The Brown Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky

Call for Papers is Now Open! Our Full Call for Proposal is posted at:
This year’s theme encourages participants to consider the main components of professionalism in any health care field from various perspectives with a focus on why professionalism matters, or should matter, in health care.

The 3rd Annual Academy for Professionalism in Health Care (APHC) Conference will be held May 7-9, 2015. We are requesting submissions exploring the contours of professionalism in health care toward the identification of its breadth, scope, and impacts on health care practices and education.

We encourage submissions for:

-Panel discussions (1 hour duration) focused on why and how professionalism matters in health care practices and education
-Papers (30 minute duration) describing the practical and conceptual elements of professionalism from a variety of perspectives and how these elements impact the delivery of health care services in various environments
-Workshops (1.5 hours duration) that describe and/or demonstrate ways to cultivate professionalism in health care practices and/or health care education

We invite submissions that reflect and speak to:
•Crucial elements of professionalism in health care, either in general or in specific health care fields.
•Conceptual or empirical work that explores the concept of professionalism from different roles (eg, patients, families, students, providers, etc.) and scope (eg, regional, urban, national, international, etc.).
•Conceptual or empirical work that explores concerns, worries, or consequences associated with lapses or losses of professionalism in health care, including impacts on other crucial elements of patient care, such as ethics, patient rights, and human dignity.
•Ways to improve professionalism cultures within any range of the healthcare spectrum, including how best to assimilate different professionalisms (eg, MD, DDS, Nursing, Technicians, etc.) into the “natural work environment” (eg, hospitals, community clinics, academic medical centers, etc.).
•Modes or models for identifying or communicating about professionalism in health care with patients, students, and providers.

Deadline: Friday, December 5, 2014
Please send to: APHC Program Committee at
2015 Program Co-Chairs Tom Harter, PhD: Gundersen Health System, and Preston Reynolds, MD, PHD: UVA Health System Department of Medicine


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