CFP: Living Well (Conference)

Call for Papers
Living Well International Conference
9-11 April 2015, York, United Kingdom

Personal well- being is an achievement, it is made. Well-being requires living well. Yet what is it to live well? Proposals are welcomed that seek to understand, explore and demonstrate what living well may be and could be.

The Living Well conference is open to people of all disciplines (academic or not), ages, cultures and faiths. We invite contributions that may be traditional paper readings; themed panels; workshops; performance pieces; dramatic readings; poetic renditions; short stories; creative writings; works of art; performances that include works of music. We welcome proposals on topics such as:

 Accounts of living well in utopia
 Accounts of living well in science fiction
 Meaning and living well
 Ageing and living well
 Phenomenological accounts of living well
 Understanding the role and contribution care/ friendship/love in living well
 Case studies of those who demonstrate living well
 Literary descriptions, understandings and portrayal of people living well
 Portrayals of living well in films, what can they tell us?
 Investigating how drama may demonstrate aspects of living well.
 Role and contribution of health in living well
 Philosophical issues and understanding of the requirements to live well
 Understanding self- regulation and self- control (including mental and emotional health) in living well
 Developing and cultivating perceptions and awareness of experiences, e.g the Japanese tea ceremony, in living well
 Difficulties of living well, understanding the dealing with barriers, obstacles to living well
 Understanding the role/ contribution of the following in living well:

o character
o passions
o personal autonomy
o music
o communication
o imagination and self- shaping action
o education, gaining knowledge, and wisdom
o pursuit of happiness
o excellence

31 December 2014 (Proposals Due)
See the web site for further details and to lodge a proposal.

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