Month: July 2015

Shut Up and Write!

Featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education, an article by the publication's prodigious journalist Jennifer Howard describes one approach to holding oneself accountable for getting writing to publish done: A scheduled writing group that meets only for the purpose of its attendees' writing during the one-hour meeting. No workshopping of drafts. No discussion of writing. … Continue reading Shut Up and Write!


Zinsser on Writing Well in Science

The late William Zinsser, who recently passed away, was well known to novice and skilled writers alike as the author of On Writing Well (among other books). Here provided by the blog site BrainPickings are his comments on clear science writing:  

Kerry Ann Rockquemore: How to Salvage Your Summer Writing

Writing for Inside Higher Ed, Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Ph.D., president, of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity, responds to the tenure track faculty member who fears having lost half the summer and momentum while getting no writing accomplished. Rockquemore advises: Get real about why you've not been writing. Create a one-month writing plan. … Continue reading Kerry Ann Rockquemore: How to Salvage Your Summer Writing

Mid-Summer Check In: How’s Your Summer Writing Coming Along?

The Writing Campus, a blog for writing across the curriculum faculty, asks, “How’s your summer writing going?” The article advises: Think routine:  What times of day work best for your writing? Consider your space and place: What sort of space works best for you?  Messy or tidy?  Quiet or noisy?  With music or without?  Sometimes, … Continue reading Mid-Summer Check In: How’s Your Summer Writing Coming Along?

CFS: Alternative and Complementary Therapies

Alternative and Complementary Therapies Alternative and Complementary Therapies (the “Green Journal”) publishes an interactive feature article in each issue, Clinical Roundup. Experts in the field share their practical experience and knowledge of treating a specific medical condition. View a Clinical Roundup in a recent issue of the Journal. We are seeking submissions on how you … Continue reading CFS: Alternative and Complementary Therapies