Mid-Summer Check In: How’s Your Summer Writing Coming Along?

The Writing Campus, a blog for writing across the curriculum faculty, asks, “How’s your summer writing going?”
The article advises:
  • Think routine:  What times of day work best for your writing?

  • Consider your space and place: What sort of space works best for you?  Messy or tidy?  Quiet or noisy?  With music or without?  Sometimes, changing up your space and place can help you refocus and get out of writing ruts.

  • Set a timer: The Pomodoro Technique is one way to think through tasks, and all it takes is a kitchen timer!  Sometimes, just turning off the Wi-Fi, setting a timer, and writing away can be a great way to get rid of distractions.

  • Give yourself a break:  Allow yourself to get away from your computer. Give your brain a rest for a bit of time, then return to your work.  Moreover, don’t be hard on yourself when writing doesn’t go well or you’re stuck.


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