Month: June 2016

Poorly Written Spam from Predatory Journal

This spam solicitation in today's email was so poorly written that I could not resist sharing it with readers of -- Nxxx Pxxx and Cxxx journal asking you to send manuscript to publish under a single roof with Pxxx. You are free to gain the below features: Express review process Get processing confirmation (accept … Continue reading Poorly Written Spam from Predatory Journal


Warning: Predatory Conference Organizers

If you thought it was difficult to¬†assess whether or not a solicitation to submit a manuscript to an online open-access journal is legitimate, now comes the spawn of predatory journals: predatory conferences. To help us sort out the claims of conference participation solicitations, Jeffrey Beall's ScholarlyOA web site provides a draft of criteria for identifying … Continue reading Warning: Predatory Conference Organizers