Month: July 2016

Inside Higher Ed: A Research Group of One’s Own

English novelist and essayist Virginia Woolf famously declared that a productive writing career required "a room of one's own" and observed that historically women lacked such a room (as well as the uninterrupted time to use it). Women academics may have the literal room but often lack room in their schedule because they tend to … Continue reading Inside Higher Ed: A Research Group of One’s Own

Midsummer Writing Advice

Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Ph.D., president of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity and columnist for Inside Higher Ed, observes that we are at summer's mid-point and advises those who have so far not made progress on their writing projects: Forgive yourself. Commit to a 14-day challenge. Pick one goal for those 14 days. … Continue reading Midsummer Writing Advice