CFP: Multimodal Approaches in Integrative Health

Paradigm, Practice, and Policy Advancing Integrative Health
The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Invitation to Submit

Special Issue on Multimodal Approaches in Integrative Health: Whole Persons, Whole Practices, Whole Systems

Twenty years ago, leading researchers in the emerging fields of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine engaged paradigm challenges examining multimodal, whole person, individualized, and often interdisciplinary, health-focused treatment. They called it “whole systems research” (WSR). Today these challenges are at the center of evaluating value-based medical delivery in patient-centered settings, personalized medicine, lifestyle/determinants, interprofessional/team care, and a focus on the outcomes of resilience and well-being.

This opportunity, funded through a generous foundation grant, allows JACM to devote an entire special issue – a 13th issue — to this convergent moment. We will publish top-flight research and commentaries, while examining the impact of the WSR movement. The JACM Special Issue Editorial Team invites you to participate in creating this cornerstone resource to anchor and address this convergent interest in whole persons, whole practices, and whole systems.

We invite your submissions! Submission Deadline: August 31, 2018

We seek original research on multimodal approaches that reflect real world, integrative, whole person practices. We are interested in review papers, structured case series, and well-honed concept pieces. We seek tightly drawn commentaries on policy efforts that will lead to targeted high-quality research and we seek action-oriented perspectives on research strategies that will efficiently and appropriately assist policy makers. While the dynamism of convergence begs for guiding perspective, we are most interested in new research on multimodal practices and systems of care that will inform the creation of health and in assist those making decisions on payment, inclusion, and access.

Editorial questions?
Contact Editor-in-Chief John Weeks.


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